Ya que los teléfonos móviles emiten un campo magnético constante y muy potente. Puede una piezade orgonite, pegada a la carcassa, ayudar a neutralizar ese campo? Os pongo un experimento de un blog de una gente en Bali,muy interesante. Salut!

Making a Cell Phone Button.

Orgonite converts the negative energy from electronic devices into positive orgone.

These days the most hazardous electronic device in common usage is the Cell Phone.

It produces high levels of microwave radiation whenever it sends or receives a signal; making it dangerous to carry and hold against your head.

However hard the cell phone industry strives to hide the facts; many independent studies have shown a direct link between cell phone use and brain tumors, birth defects, testicular and ovarian cancer.

Orgonite offers the only way of forestalling these problems in the form of a ‘cell phone button’ that can be easily made and attached to the back of a mobile telephone; rendering it both safe and comfortable to use.

You will need an ice cube tray:

1. Mal es

Mix a little resin and catalyst and pour a few drops into each section of the tray:

2. Tetes resin

Before the resin cures; tilt the tray left and right so the resin forms a thin surface on the bottom of the mould.

Pour out any surplus and leave it to cure thoroughly.

3. Mering mal 4

This layer gives a shiny surface to the cell phone button which will greatly improve its appearance.

Next put in a sprinkling of crushed crystal:

4. Isi kristal

Cover the crystal with a layer of fine aluminium shavings and tap them down to form a flat surface.

5. Isi logam

Mix a little more resin and catalyst and pour enough into each section to just cover the aluminium shavings.

6. Isi resin

When they are thoroughly cured; tap them free of the tray.

Use sandpaper to flatten the back surface of the button and use double-sided sticky tape to attach it to your cell phone.

7. Hamplas selesai


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